About B&J Fabrics

B&J Fabrics is a family-owned, family-run fabric retail store specializing in ladies’ fashion textiles. Our mission is to provide our customers with the largest and latest selection of high-end fabrics from all over the world. B&J is one of the best and most famous fashion fabric retail stores in the USA and the World. We are located on 7th Avenue, or "Fashion Avenue," in Manhattan.

Our store has also been featured on popular primetime reality television shows, including Bravo’s Project Runway and The Fashion Show, as well as CBS’ The Cut. B&J is regularly featured in various fashion and lifestyle magazines and books, including Zagat’s New York City Shopping Guide, where, for nearly a decade, B&J has generated high stats and rave reviews.

The 2009 Zagat New York City Shopping Guide called B&J “A must for sewing mavens," this enormous Garment Center fabric emporium specializes in the “best of the best in cloth” for the apparel trade, offering a “well organized” collection of “colorful” cotton, lace, silk, and suede at modest prices; crafters concur “any design can be made” from the “beautiful” stuff on display, especially with support from a “knowledgeable” staff that “can speak to everyone from novice to couturiere.”

Our site provides international access to our collection. We ship all over the world, and have customers from as far away as India and as close as a block away! Shop for fabric from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

We update our website products often, so come back regularly to see what we’ve added.

We’re now proud to have the largest online retail selection of Liberty of London cotton prints and fabrics. Check out our collection, listed as Liberty of London in the sidebar.

While our site has an extensive offering of fabrics, it makes up only a small fraction of our beautiful, in-store collection. We encourage you to visit us in person!